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We provide culturally based, vetted immersion programs with the right combination of language skills, regional expertise and cultural capabilities. Our programs are cost effective, custom tailored to your requirements or mission for groups or individuals. 

It's extremely difficult to know what life is really like in a country or a region whose culture one has never experienced directly. These days, it's very easy to have the illusion of knowing what it will be like from images furnished by the internet, media, books and people's comments.

Our LREC programs are designed to optimise language experience and strengthen a deeper cultural understanding of their target language’s region and its people.

Your time in-country, is a valuable way of enriching your language skills and cultural knowledge. You will learn a tremendous amount from just living and learning in a new social and cultural environment, meeting the locals and experiencing life first hand...knowing you have the security, support and experience of our professional team behind you.


List of languages by number

Albanian :: Amharic :: Arabic :: Arabic (Egyptian) :: Arabic (Iraqi) :: Arabic (Levantine) :: Armenian :: Azerbaijani :: Bengali :: Bulgarian :: Burmese :: Chinese (Cantonese) :: Chinese (Mandarin) :: Czech, Danish :: Dari :: Dutch :: Estonian :: Farsi :: (Persian) :: Finnish :: French :: Georgian :: German :: Greek :: Haitian Creole :: Hausa :: Hebrew :: Hindi :: Hungarian :: Icelandic ::  Indonesian ::  Italian :: Japanese :: Kazakh :: Khmer :: Korean Krio :: Kurdish :: Kyrgyz :: Lao :: Latvian :: Lithuanian :: Macedonian ::  Malay ::    Malayalam :: Mongolian :: Nepali :: Norwegian :: Pashto :: Polish :: Portuguese :: Punjabi :: Romanian :: Russian :: Serbo-Croatian :: Sinhala :: Slovak :: Slovenian :: Spanish :: Swahili :: Swedish :: Tagalog :: Tajiki (Tajik Persian) :: Tamil :: Telugu :: Tetum :: Thai ::  Tibetan :: Tigrinya :: Turkish :: Ukrainian :: Urdu :: Uzbek :: Yoruba :: Vietnamese ::  MORE UPON REQUEST


Participants in class
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  • "STANDARD" LANGUAGE Immersion & Cultural training (90+ Languages in 140 Countries) 

Open to all language levels, our “standard” program offers 20 - 30 hours per week of language classroom combined with culture study either in small group classes or private tutor. Students participate in out-of-class activities and weekly field trips. Usually living with an approved/vetted native host family. We have an unlimited choice of study options , program lengths and accommodation options. 


For all language levels, we will design a program based upon your request, budget and mission requirements....

  • LANGUAGE TRAINING ON/OFF SITE  (Military bases/ Installations/Embassies)

We can provide professional tailored language training or regional expertise support to government and military clients worldwide based around the clients schedule and availability.  

  • POWER Language Immersion (POWER) 

Intensive program aimed at intermediate to advanced language students in host country. Increased number of lessons per day living and training with private tutor.  Includes comprehensive regional & cultural understanding - completely immersed in the target language.

  • AREA Studies Immersion (ASI) 

Advanced program for experienced, advanced or native speakers usually 3/3 DLPT. Increased lessons per day, Includes additional comprehensive regional & cultural classes in the afternoon, discussions, debates, guest speakers, on local  topics  - Religion, Politics, Economics, Security, Military Conflicts, Human rights, etc.

  • LIVE Environment Training (LET)

Intensive program aimed at intermediate to advanced language students in host country. Language training includes comprehensive regional & cultural understanding, area dialects and structured interactions.

  • ISOLATION Language Programs (ISO)

The goal of the ISO immersion is to enhance the students learning experience by allowing them to interact in a more realistic environment which includes task based exercises using local instructors 

  • FOREIGN Area Officer Program (FAO)

This program develops Foreign Service Officers/Diplomats for work in international affairs by facilitating language, regional knowledge, and cultural immersion. Offers significant interaction with host-nation nationals and/or host-nation entities, US Policy formulation and implementation in the region.


LEAP deliberately develops language enabled, cross-cultural service members across the General Purpose Force (GPF) with working-level foreign language proficiency.  With these skills, LEAP scholars can better support the application of air and space power through strengthening partnerships, interoperability, and adversary understanding.

  • TRANSLATION & Interpreter Services 

We can help with a wide range of interpreting assignments in-country. Our linguists are vetted and approved and offer many different skill sets and subject matter expertise. We can also handle multilingual translation projects.


Developing global cultural competency is one of the most challenging aspects of working globally. This program is designed to make you culturally aware of your target location.

  • STRATEGIC ENGAGEMENTS (Operations & Logistical Support 24/7)

We offer these support services via our regional team & in-country partners to enable our clients to operate a successful mission in difficult locations worldwide – 24/7

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