Helping bridge the gap between cultures

It’s true. We have helped bridge the gap between cultures well over 40,000 + times in the last 25 years. Changing people’s lives, giving them the ability to understand, communicate & interact with people across cultures…is at the very core of our company culture and the essence of who we are.


Our passion and goal is to ensure an authentic and unforgettable life-changing experience for each client we send overseas…. if you’re not changing, you’re not growing, you’re not learning.


Our company was created over 25 years ago to promote language study abroad programs to North Americans with the main focus being University & College students. We were quickly discovered by various US Departments & Agencies and our first official US Government language student departed abroad in our second year. We quickly discovered that the needs of the US Government, was very different to the needs of a university student, so a new specialized division was established. Today LAA is a key supplier to all depts of the the US Government, Dept of Defence and many other international organizations & agencies.

Our international team (many still with us from day one) are the most experienced, passionate and knowledgeable in the industry with unmatched program management experience. Each team member works closely with our clients to deliver quality programs, uniquely designed to our client's goals, objectives & mission.

We have been doing this a long time and to ensure consistently high standards, we work with only accredited and vetted organisations recognized by the following international bodies, guaranteeing the highest quality language immersion abroad.


We set standards in all areas of operations abroad, safety & security is our number one concern. We work closely with US Embassies & Agencies abroad to have all our locations, organizations, facilities, accommodation, transportation and personnel pre vetted and approved.


We have completed thousands of successful missions...

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 Helping bridge the gap between cultures

Message prompted by an in-country emergency :

"In all seriousness, we deeply appreciate the level of support you provided to Lt R and directly to SB this weekend.

As we reported to our colonel this morning, you guys gave SB the same kind of care he would have received from a military chain, and we couldn't ask for anything more."
USAF Senior Officer

"My language immersion program was a very positive experience, my language instruction provided was very well organized and my teacher was very skilled and professional, over all the experience was very good.

Changing my arrival date to arrive in time for the Dubai air show and getting all coordination done prior to my arrival was key to making the part of my immersion a success. Thank you!"
USAF Officer

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