We offer over 25 years of experience providing CONUS & OCONUS services to the Department of Defense and various other US Government Departments and Agencies. We offer a variety of services, each mission is uniquely designed & tailor made to our clients unique goals and objectives.

               We have the proven ability and expertise in providing these services to our clients


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- LANGUAGE Training in 90+ Languages


- CULTURAL Immersion in 140 + Countries


- ISOLATION Language Training (ISO)

- LIVE Environment Training (LET)

- STRATEGIC Engagements

- REGIONAL & CULTURAL TRAINING Regional Expertise  & Awareness Courses. Cross Cultural Competence

- TRANSLATION & Interpreter  Services 

- 24/7 IN COUNTRY Operational, 

Logistical & Intelligence Support 

- FOREIGN Area Officer Program (FAO)



Our team is the most experienced, passionate and knowledgeable in the industry. With over 25 years experience, thousands of successful short-term and long-term missions complete, we have the expertise.

We are committed to implementing high standards of confidential service, security, quality instruction and cultural awareness...helping bridge the gap between cultures.



- U.S Department of Defense (DOD)

- U.S Department Homeland Security 

- U.S Department of State (DOS)

- U.S Intelligence Community/Agencies

- U.S Air Force (AFCLC)

- U.S Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)

- U.S Secretary of the Air

Force/International Affairs (SAF/IA)

- U.S Marines

- U.S  Navy

- U.S Central Command (USCENTCOM)

 - U.S. Department of Justice


- UK Ministry of Defence



We have completed thousands of successful missions... can we discuss how we may help you?

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 Helping bridge the gap between cultures

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